Here at PKB Trade, we’re experts in the design, manufacture and installation of high quality cost effective kitchens. As one of the leading kitchen manufacturers in East Anglia we guarantee a quality, bespoke and affordable service every time. Long gone are the days where your kitchen is just an area where you prepare and make food, it’s now a space to socialise and unwind in equal measure. To meet these diverse requirements we understand the need for kitchens that are practical, functional and stylish. Whether you need help maximising a small space or adding a real warmth to this part of your home, our team at PKB Trade have the expertise and experience to fulfil your needs at a price you can afford.

If you’re ready to start creating your new fitted kitchen, get in touch with us to arrange a free consultation with one of our design experts.

Fitted Kitchen
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Door Finish
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Roma Dark Grey and Cream

Torino Dark Grey

Milano Light Sorano Oak and Roma Cream

Verona Gris Plomo

Roma Cream and Verona Cuzco Copper Stone Tru

Roma Dark Grey

Wakefield Porcelain and Pantry Blue

Winslow Parisian Blue

Winslow Taupe Grey and Willow

Florence Dust Grey and Porcelain

Dawson Porcelain and Cashmere

Belgravia Parisian Blue and Stone

Belgravia Porcelain and Slate Blue

Clifden Heritage Green and Porcelain

Zola Soft-Matte Indigo and White

Clifden Marine and Light Grey

Clifden Vintage Pink and Light Grey

Dawson Indigo

Dawson Light Grey

Harborne Shell and Stone

Zola Matte Marine and Ferro Brass

Zola Matte Marine and Ferro Copper with Rezana Light Oak

Zola Soft-Matte Graphite and Light Grey

Zola Matte Slate Blue

Zola Soft-Matte Light Grey

Zola Soft Matte Indigo

Ellesmere Heritage Green

Ellesmere Slate Blue

Zola Soft-Matte Dust Grey

Zola Soft-Matte Dust Grey and Tavola Hacienda Black

Zola Soft-Matte White

Ellesmere Slate Blue and Light Grey

Florence Graphite and Light Grey

Zola Soft-Matte Porcelain and Rezana Weathered Silver

Florence Light Grey

Florence Slate Blue

Florence Stone and Porcelain

Milano White Levanto Marble and Onyx Grey

Florence Viridian and Graphite

Zola Gloss Light Grey

Georgia Light Grey and Dust Grey

Georgia Marine

Georgia Pantry Blue

Zola Gloss Dust Grey and Tavola Carbon

Zola Gloss White and Tavola Parched Oak

Georgia Porcelain and Graphite

Harborne Graphite and CMS Chicory Red

Harborne Heritage Green

Harborne Light Grey

Zola Gloss Ivory

Zola Gloss Porcelain and Graphite

Harborne Slate Blue Stone and CMS Citrus Green

Jefferson Ivory

Jefferson Light Oak and Ivory

Jefferson Mussel

Jefferson Shell and Marine

Jefferson Stone and Gun Metal Grey

Zola Gloss White and Light Grey

Kelso Truffle Grey and Zola Matte Graphite

Kensington Dust Grey

Kensington Graphite

Kensington Heritage Green

Kensington Indigo

Kensington Light Grey

Kensington Light Grey and Dust Grey

Kensington Porcelain

Madison Ivory

Madison Light Grey and Dust Grey

Madison Light Oak

Madison Light Oak and Ivory

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